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Aiko Senoo (妹尾あいこ Senō Aiko?), (born November 14, 1990) known as Mirabelle Haywood in the English adaptation, is an extraverted girl who has split-curled hair. She is a transfer student from Osaka (Buttercorn Ridge in the dubbed version) and speaks in Kansai-ben, a Japanese dialect originating in Osaka (in the English production, she is given a Texan accent). Her parents are divorced, so she lives with her father, a taxi driver, while her mother, a nurse, works in Osaka. She loves both her parents very much and wishes for them to get back together, even going so far as to attempt forbidden magic to do so. She is also the most athletic girl in her elementary school. Aiko has a short temper, but she is not as hot-headed as Majo Rika. In the end, she and her parents move back to Osaka and lives happily with them and her grandpa. Her fairy is Mimi, the toughest of the fairies. Aiko's theme color is blue and her crystal is a blue diamond. Her spell is "Pameruku Laruku Rariori Poppun", while her spell in Magical Stage is "Pamekuru Laruku Takarakani".

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