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The protagonist of the story, Misaki Ayuzawa (鮎沢 美咲 Ayuzawa Misaki?) is the first female student council president at Seika High and known for her extremely demanding and aggressive attitude towards boys. She relentlessly attempts to reform them to live up to what she considers are acceptable standards of behavior. Though many of the male students fear and even hate her, the ones who get to know her come to see that she's actually very fair and willing to help anyone who needs it.

She eventually becomes widely respected for her exceptional academic ability, her great athletic skill, and her many accomplishments as president. Her negative attitude towards males is mostly attributed to her father amassing a huge debt and then disappearing. Misaki became determined to make sure her spacey and helpless mother, Minako (美奈子?) would not have to work so hard to support both Misaki and her younger sister, Suzuna (紗奈?). To this extent, she secretly, and at first reluctantly, works as a maid-waitress at Café Maid Latte. Misaki is always driven to do her best regardless of the endeavor, and has a strong sense of justice, though she also has a tendency to forget her own well being in the process of helping others. Misaki harbours feelings towards Usui and often blushes when he's around her. She recently turned seventeen. She always says that she hates Usui, but it usually means she loves him. Eventually, she realizes her feelings for Usui who in fact already knows. She is never honest about her feelings towards Usui, instead lying and acting violently whenever awkward moments are brought up. In Chapter 51, she attempts to confess her feelings to Usui, but is interrupted by Usui who apologizes and asks her to wait just a bit longer.

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