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Anything is a go

in Naruto Hentai

Title Anything is a go show: Naruto author's notes---I dont own naruto. here is a long fic. dont worry it gets better as it goes along. all characters that are used are at least 18. {At the ninja academy on the final day of classes.} Iraka: ?class, I... continue reading



in Teen Titans Hentai

Titans’ Turnover I was thinking about this one on the bus home from being out for the majority of the night… Couldn’t quite think of a storyline until the last minute, so I just made it up as I went along. Though I’d add some relevant details o... continue reading


Kim Satiable Chapter 2 - Blackmailed!

in Kim Possible Hentai

It was late morning when the girls finally came downstairs. Kim knew her parents would be at work, and she figured the tweebs would be off on some destructive errand. They had on matching boxer shorts and baby doll t-shirts, which were a bit tight bu... continue reading


The American DAD Family GUY crossover spectacular Chapter 2

in American Dad Hentai

The American dad Family guy crossoverThanks for the reviews, lol only two but hey, american dad dosent have a very large following, which saddens me cuz its oh so awesome!!!Did anyone see episode 6 of the latest season? "Pulling double booty" (Spoile... continue reading


Megs Boyfriend Chapter 6

in Family Guy Hentai

Disclaimer: Take a wild guess.Chapter 6: Keeping a SecretThe very next day, Zack was downstairs eating cereal. His head was still throbbing fromthe fight with the jocks. Meg then walked into the kitchen to talk with Zack."Morning, Zack," said Meg as ... continue reading


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