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XJ-9 (Jenny as she calls herself) is a highly sophisticated battle robot created by Dr. Nora Wakeman, but Jenny only wants to live the life of a normal teenage girl. Jenny and Wakeman live in the fictional futuristic town of Tremorton, and live next door to Jenny's best friends Brad and Tuck Carbunkle.

At school, Jenny has an ongoing rivalry with the Krust Cousins, Brit and Tiff, the popular girls in school, and puts up with Sheldon, a somewhat stereotypical loser who is completely obsessed with her. Adding to her trouble is that Jenny is constantly being dogged by the all-robotic Cluster Empire, whose queen, Vexus, wants her to join their world of robots (by force if necessary). Despite it all, however, Jenny still struggles to maintain some resemblance of a mostly-human life.

The show often focuses on making lighthearted fun of typical teenage problems and other conventions of the teenage and superhero lives, mixed up with a blend of action and comedy sequences. There are 40 episodes, in total, of the series, which are currently airing on the Nicktoons Network.

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  • 2009.10.21 07:18:20 bambam

    very nice any more comics i always enjoy the ones with a story twirled into it :)

  • 2009.12.20 11:25:53 blue lantern

    Sheldon rapes a robot. Nice!!!

  • 2010.01.09 04:23:42 AK2010

    nice sheldon, rape robot

  • 2010.03.02 05:34:15 grim reaper

    lol love it nice shelton i wonder how it felt :D xD

  • 2010.03.03 02:13:19 SPLEEN

    i like sheldon, more sheldon

  • 2010.04.11 01:12:13 Molary

    Finally it made its Sheldon Good

  • 2010.05.01 12:36:58 DYNAMITE1635

    funny sheldon rape

  • 2010.05.08 02:01:37 kobaka

    good work

  • 2010.05.28 04:03:57 Jaga577

    Jenny is like Robotboy. By the way, a great stuff

  • 2010.06.04 05:04:08 bradley15

    sheldon finally gets jenny :) awesome

  • 2010.08.03 08:38:13 cum12

    lol rape robot nice

  • 2010.12.02 08:32:59 gaydude


  • 2011.11.17 02:50:13 needfornick

    loved this show as a younger kid

  • 2013.03.04 09:47:44 Alexstraszaa


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