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Rarity x Spike

It's a bright and shiny day in ponyville. Spike is outside, picking the prettiest roses he can find. He has plans today. Big plans. He sniffs a flower and thinks about his schedule. He plans to drop by Rarity's and offer her the beautiful bou...

Friendship is Sexy Pt.1

"We really don't have time for this," Twilight Sparkle hissed under her breath. "Make up an excuse Spike, tell them... you have a stomach ache!" The baby dragon rolled his eyes. "Twilight," he sighed, "can't you just enjoy yourself for one after...

A Stormy Night

A scheduled thunderstorm hit ponyville. Fluttershy quivered at the mere mention of it. Usually the pegasus pony's would clear away some of the clouds before a thunderstorm could emerge. However, they weren't there. It was all because of Pinkie Pie. S...

the sleepover

It began on the day of Hearth's Warming Eve. Ponyville was full of activity as everypony prepared for the holiday. Why would you prepare for something like that THE DAY OF? Wouldn't you like, get shit together at least a week in advance? Must be onl...

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