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     Roronoa Zoro is a legendary bounty hunter and pirate, known around the world for amazing skill as a master swordman. He used to be a bounty hunter, but when he met Luffy, he quite being a bounty hunter and joined Luffy's crew as a pirate. Now, he travels the sea, utterly destroying anyone or thing which stands in his way, be it a man, an army, or a fortress. Despite his incredible destructive powers, and the fact that he leaves an ocean of corpses where ever he fights, he is a good man and a kind soul. He cares for his friends depeply, and is slightly lazy, sleeping when ever he can, even in the middle of a hurricane. He is also tougher any mortal man, only getting anooyed at wounds that would kill any normal man. Zoro is man to be feared and respected, which most people around him realize very quickly, because few people ever get the chance to cross him twicde.

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