27 One Piece Hentai Comics

One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 1

Chopper studied his papers, each one compiled with extensive data on the female form, specifically on the one female he'd actually managed to successfully 'mate' with. One Nico Robin. He looked up and watched as she sat on the edge of the surgery's b...

One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 2

Dr. Chopper's personal files. (Stuff in brackets are Notes filled in by Nico Robin.) Mugiwara Crew member: Tony Tony Chopper Position: Doctor, (Ship's Stud) Age: 15 – In Human Years. 24 – In Reindeer years Species: Reindeer/Human. Height...

One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 11

Will you clean up the kitchen tonight?” Sanji asked Chopper, whom was sitting in his swivel chair making some medicine. The Doctor shrivelled his nose up. It was the new thing. Each of the crew would take it in turns cleaning up the kitchen. Ch...

Namis and Robin

"Now, what are we going to do?" said Nami impatiently. "We are on this island for 2 days now and nothing interesting has happened so far. What are the others doing?" Nami was the only one who wanted to spend the day on the ship, but now she starts...

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