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Peanuts is a daily comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz.  It ran from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000 (the day after Schulz's death), continuing in reruns afterward. The strip is considered to be one of the most popular and influential in the history of the medium, with 17,897 strips published in all.  Making it "arguably the longest story ever told by one human being".  Together with its merchandise, the strip earned Schulz more than $1 billion.

Peanuts achieved considerable success for its television specials, several of which, including A Charlie Brown Christmas, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown won or were nominated for Emmy Awards. The strip is also a landmark in theatre with the stage musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown being an extremely successful.

The Strip has been described as "the most shining example of the American success story in the comic strip field", ironically based on the theme of "the great American unsuccess story", since the main character, Charlie Brown, is meek, nervous and lacks self-confidence, being unable to fly a kite, win a baseball game or kick a football.

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  • 2010.11.01 09:23:18 Grandfunk

    Copyright protection not withstanding (see first picture), maybe you can't find "Peanuts Porn" because we can so easily identify with the hapless kid who's just trying to get by. (I don't want a big red dildo shoved up my ass!)

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