14 Phineas and Ferb Hentai Comics

Happy Birthday Jeremy Chapter 1

When Candace woke up, she figured she was in for a pretty average day. After all, it seemed like an average morning to her. She woke up, gave her picture of Jeremy a kiss, and got dressed. Then, she went down to breakfast. Yes, Candace had nothing to...

The Battle For Phineas Chapter 4

A/N: YeahI think this chapter will have a lot of shocks. Probably too many for a chapter (being my storu LOL). Okay, so I took Asian-lovers idea to make a sleepover on this chapter. Its a good idea! Thank you!!! Ok, so Phineas gets a little OOC in th...

Queen of the Hill Chapter 1

A.N.: Okay, here ya go! After writing my first PnF story, I got a bunch of ideas. This is one of them.Okay, Ferb. So, weve narrowed it down to these two creations: A Size changing ray or a Mind-reading helmet. So which one do we build? Phineas asked ...

Phineas's secret plan Part 2

Candace fingered her pussy vigorously. She started to feel relaxed. She began to speed up the pace and started to feel pressure building. She stopped and removed her fingers. She looked to the large dildo. She grabbed it and held it in her hand. She ...

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