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The story revolves around two girls, Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, fighting Dotsuku Zone - a dimension that usurped evil in the Garden of Light. Shares of La Zona Dotsuku required the escape of two keepers of the Garden of Light, and creatures called Mepple Mipple. They serve as a source of information for the series, and are generally found within the processing devices of the girls, which are similar to mobile phones. For short periods of time can become their real bodies and interact with others. Initially, have Cure White and Cure Black while seeking the Prism Stones, who put in a device known as Heart of prisms. The Heart of prisms is protected by the Guardian, Wisdom. Once you discover all the Prism Stones, power leads to the Garden of Light and repair most of the damage done by Dotsuku Zone.

Porun Later, the Prince of the Garden of Light, joins the protagonists. He becomes something like a PDA. The Guardian puts the power of the Prism Stones in Porun and when you feel in real danger, check the power of his mouth, giving her the Pretty Cure Rainbow Bracelets. They reinforce them physically and provide them with a new attack. Porun has the power of premonition, often while sleeping or just randomly say something that Pretty Cure need to understand and figure out what it means. He, with the power of the Prism Stones, please contact the Garden of Light.

Las Pretty Cure fight until the bad Dotsuku Zone Porun from knowing he has the Prism Stones. Then Dotsuku The Zone will know how to get the stones for all this time prisms have been struggling but at the same time those of La Zona Dotsuku research as you can summon the stones Porun prisms. Once trap caught the Stones Porun Prisms.

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  • 2010.05.23 08:18:29 Jaga577

    It's looking pretty^^

  • 2011.06.17 07:58:29 pcuser

    I want splash star!

  • 2011.11.01 08:27:55 e4wtgewtg4

    Splash star!

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