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Four kids and a monkey try to awesomize boring stuff such as the world's boring teacher and a theme park. Characters Lester "Les" Awesome (voiced by Samuel Vincent) is the leader, and the shortest of the team. He is the only one in his family who doesn't have a trophy until he was rewarded for saving someone's life. His catchphrase is, "Time to awesomize!" in the intro. Also he is very lazy. Les is Thera's step brother and he hates the last day of summer break and the countryside. Les has blue hair, he has a tan and he wears a stripey blue t-shirt and jeans. Noam (voiced by Brian Drummond) is a tall teen. He is a techy guy and an inventor who can operate anything. He also plays guitar and drums a lot and is very good at it. Sometimes, he can get nervous at drumming. Like Les and Thera noam wears only one type of colour he has green hair, green glasses, a green shirt (with sleeves) with a computer power button symbol on it, he also wears green shoes and jeans.He has a crush on Thera but keeps it secert from the rest of the team. Lars (voiced by Colin Murdock) is the fattest and craziest member. He has a Nordic accent. He is a great singer since the time he was at the Glee Club. But his teacher fired him in "Lester's Song of Doom". Lars wears a red hoodie, blue jeans and red trainers, plus he has blonde hair. Thera Awesome (voiced by Chiara Zanni) is cute and athletic. She is ready for action and never gives up. Sometimes she has a little bit of a temper when it comes to rivals. She likes taking risky tasks. She is also Les' stepsister and used to have a crush on Ned Falcon but now seems to be falling for Noam. Thera has blue hair (like her brother) with a pinky-purple coloured fringe, she wears a pinky-purple t-shirt with purple jeans with white trainers. Mr. Twitchy (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is an amazing smart monkey who is always wearing a blond wig. His catch is "ha cha cha!"

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