Once upon a time, or at least that's how it should be started, there was a woman named Red Ridinghood. I know that the other versions say she was a young teenager, but I have it on authority that she wasn't. Now Red was a beautiful voluptuous woman w...


Little Red Riding Hood was called so because of her slight stature, rather than her youth. Although she'd always been known as "Little", as she grew older the nickname stuck because she was so petite and small... at the tender age of 18 she still had...

red 2

The Hunter, with all his strength and masculinity, was now shaking in his pants. He grabbed Wolf's arm, moving him to the side while Red whimpered loudly. "We can't just take her. She's just a young, innocent girl." His eyes remained on her swee...

red 1

Red's mother looked at her oddly as she skipped out of the house. Her dress was now snug on her, with the skirt coming high on her thighs. Her newly sprouted breasts were also noticeable. She decided she'd make her eighteen year old daughter a new on...

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