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Margaret is a robin who works as a waitress at the coffee shop across the street from the park. She might be the only animal on the show who wears clothing. Mordecai has a major crush on her and is always finding ways to make excuses to go to the coffee shop she works at to see her. When she tells Mordecai that she is going to see Fist Pump, he is then motivated to raise money with Rigby to get tickets. She was in a relationship with a human, Slasher, in the episode (Caffeinated Concert Tickets). She shows up again in (The Unicorns Have Got To Go). She has a new boyfriend named Angel in "Mordecai and the Rigbys". She shows up again in It's Time when she moves out of her house and was about to go on a date with Rigby. Currently, she is one of the few female characters in the series, if not the only recurring female character. There seems to be a running gag, In almost every episode she appears in, she has a new boyfriend, much to the chagrin of Mordecai (ex. "Mordecai and the Rigbys" and "Caffeinated Concert Tickets".) She is the very first female character seen in the series. * The Coffee Shop she works in is layed out exactly like Phillipe's of Los Angeles. In "Brain Eraser" Mordecai imagines one of her boyfriends as a giant. This backfires horribly with Mordecai saying "Margaret's boyfriend's were always really lame". In "Brain Eraser" she also has a friend named Eileen who works at the same Coffee Shop she does. Also in "Brain Eraser, Margaret, somewhat stereotypically, is hinted to be attracted to Mordecai when she believes he is ignoring her. Ironically, he will never realize this because his mind was erased at the time. * Margaret may or may not have a crush on Mordecai, since through most of the series she is completely oblivious of Mordecai's constant staring and admiring.

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