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Robin Hood (original Title Robin Fuddo no Daibōken) is a cartoon of 52 episodes based on the classis Robin Hood. It was first broadcasted from July 29th 1990 til October the 28th 1992 on the jamanese channel NHK. In the latter 90s it also was broadcasted in Germany and Austria on the channels RTL2, ORF and Premiere World.



England in the 13th Century. After the parents of the young Robert Huntington get killed mysteriously, he is sold on behalf of Lord Alwine from his castle. Robert then flees with his cousin Will and his two cousins, Winifred and Barbara in the nearby Sherwood Forest. There they meet Little John, Sherwood Mutch and their gang. Soon they meet the noblewoman Marian Lancaster on her way to Bishop Herford who adopted her due to the will of Lord Alvine, so he comes into possession of the golden cross of Marians family. With the help of that cross he wants to find the hidden treasure in Sherwood Forest. But Robin and his friends want to prevent this at all costs.

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