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The show revolves around Adora's adventures with the Great Rebellion battling against the evil Horde, of which she was once part. It was virtually identical to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in structure, even down to the show's opening introduction, some of the theme music, and the fact that Adora's secret identity is shared by three other characters. In the storyline, the Horde once ruled Eternia and Skeletor worked for Hordak as his second-in-command. The Horde was defeated by King Randor and the Masters and Hordak fled Eternia, taking Randor's infant daughter with him, leaving Skeletor behind as the main bad guy on Eternia. Many characters from He-Man guest starred frequently on She-Ra's show. The first season of the show ran five days a week, like He-Man, with the second season being reduced to a Saturday morning cartoon. She-Ra ended in 1987, and the character was never again mentioned in any other version of He-Man. It was however intended that She-Ra and her cast of character would be re-introduced into the 2002, He-Man reboot series. However, due to the series being canceled, this never came to be.

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