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Mindy Simmons was an employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. When Homer met her at work, he found himself highly attracted to her.

Mindy Simmons was hired as an engineer at the nuclear power plant, due to pressure on Mr. Burns to have at least one female employee. Homer quickly developed a crush on her, due to many similarities they had, such as a fondness for beer, junk food, and TV. Mindy was very beautiful and was equally attracted to Homer. He went to great lengths to try to avoid her, but the two were selected to represent the nuclear power plant at the National Energy Convention in Capital City. Homer was tempted to enter into an affair with her (and felt compelled to by a fortune cookie which said that he was going to find a new love), but ended up deciding to stay faithful to Marge.

Later, Mindy joined a bowling league team called the The Home Wreckers, and went to Green Day's funeral.

After Homer turned Mindy down, she "hit the bottle pretty hard" and was fired from the nuclear power plant.

She was then seen in Mountain of Madness episode only as a background.

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