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The Interrogation

"He's just down this way." A steel gate slid open and three people walked through, two of which seemed normal enough from a distance, while the one leading them was enormous, bigger than the other two combined, and had more legs than the other two co...

When Blood Runs Cold Chapter 1

Author:I do not own Sly cooper or anything related. Interpol, 1:20 P.M. This was a regular day for Carmalita Montoya Fox. The usual idiotic officers that made snide remarks about her body. The girls spreading rumors of her sleeping her way to the t...

When Blood Runs Cold Chapter 5

Sly POV After waiting an entire day for the trial, Sly couldn't wait to see what happened. As court room occupants entered he had already gotten there early due to traffic. He hoped to see the love of his life soon and to see that other guy's fate a...

When Blood Runs Cold Chapter 7

Moscow, Russia Lab 01 A scientist work delicately on fixing a piece of machinery. Not just any machinery, the Clockwerk heart. All the other parts had been repaired and tested. "Done, now to put it in place!" said the scientist with glee. When he fi...

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