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Ikaros is a "Pet-Class Angeloid, Type Alpha" who becomes bonded to Tomoki at the beginning of the story, which is symbolized by the invisible chain leading from her collar to Tomoki's hand. She displays a very submissive, melancholic personality and is completely subservient to Tomoki's wishes. Ikaros possesses the ability to grant seemingly any wish through the use of several techno-magical cards. Despite her passive appearance, Ikaros has displayed moments of aggressiveness whenever Tomoki's life appears to be in danger. She weighs 48 kilograms (106 pounds), stands at 162cm (5 feet 3 inches) and her wing type is listed as "Variable". Her "Variable" wings are extremely valuable and are highly desired by Synapse. Since she began living with Tomoki, she has become somewhat of a live-in maid where she is the one that cooks breakfast, lunch, dinner, wakes up Tomoki in the morning, and otherwise takes care of the house. While she begins the series with a poor grasp of human emotion, she eventually begins to acquire emotions and begins to fall in love with Tomoki. The reason for this is because she has high battle and processing capability, but has low emotional control as a result. She has been shown to be willing to sacrifice herself if it means ensuring the safety of Tomoki. Ikaros is also shown to do anything that will gain Tomoki's approval, even if it's a questionable act (normally involving Tomoki's perverted schemes) on Tomoki's part; she admits that as long as Tomoki is happy, she will also be happy as well. In one chapter, she became extremely depressed when Tomoki broke the imprinting between them and finds it difficult to express her feelings (Mikako notes that Ikaros has difficulty being open with her emotions involving Tomoki unless his life is in danger) until she was ordered to throw Tomoki into the ocean. This puts enough emotional stress on her that she tearfully begs Tomoki not to throw her away.[volume & issue needed] She loves when Tomoki pats her on the head, and even becomes depressed when he is unable to do it. She is noticeably the only girl in the series that Tomoki does not sexually harass in any way.
As the story progresses, it is revealed that Ikaros is not a "Pet-Class" Angeloid, but is actually a "Strategic Battle-Class" Angeloid and is the most powerful of the First Generation Angeloids. She takes little physical damage when she is shot, can fly to speeds up to Mach 24, and is able to withstand water pressure better than most submarines. In the past, she was called the Uranus Queen (ウラヌス・クイーン Uranusu Kuīn?) and terrorized Synapse due to her immense power and battle capabilities. She was originally sent to Earth as a weapon of judgment and is responsible for destroying the Tower of Babel.
Ikaros is seen to be with the only Angeloid who has a "Battle Mode". When she activates her battle mode ("Uranus Queen Mode"), her wings are engulfed in bright light, her eyes become red, and a halo appears over her head. Ikaros can generate a nigh-invincible energy shield called Aegis (イージス Ījisu?). She also possesses several powerful weapon systems: Artemis (アルテミス Arutemisu?), a series of multi-directional homing energy projectiles fired from her wings, and Apollon (アポロン Aporon?), a bow that can fire energy-charged arrows capable of obliterating a country in a single shot. She also possesses the ability to summon and control a third weapon called Hephaestus (ヘーパイストス Hēpaisutosu?), which is part of an anime-only weapon system called the Uranus System (ウラヌスシステム Uranusu Shisutemu?), which vaguely resembles a massive cloaked spaceship. Both were first used in battle against the twin Gamma Harpies, but only the Hephaestus cannons were shown and dwarf the Harpies' Prometheus in firepower and size. It was later seen again in the second season in full scale against the second-generation Angeloid Chaos, but it was later destroyed after Ikaros took Chaos to the bottom of the ocean with it. A running gag in the series involves Ikaros occasionally seen holding a watermelon, a fruit she curiously takes an interest in; this leads her to eventually grow a patch of watermelons in the garden. Additionally, after a chicken-raising contest in one of the omake chapters, she also develops a hobby of raising chickens and becomes angry if the other Angeloids hurt her chicken even by mistake, attacking the offenders with her weapons and causing mayhem all over Tomoki's house (which often results in Tomoki kicking all of the Angeloids out of his house until he calms down). Ikaros's name is a play on the Greek mythological character Icarus, whose fate (falling from the sky) can be related to Ikaros's introduction into the storyline.

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