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Deleted Scenes – Amok Time

Nurse Christine Chapel pressed the buzzer for Mr. Spock’s quarters and waited anxiously. Her mind was a whirl with desires and fantasies. Her love for him was obvious to all her knew her and yet Spock ignored her advances. Now was her chance. She had...

Capt. James T Kirk's 5 Hour Erection

The Enterprise had orbited the planet Donovan 4 for three days and landing parties had found it a very pleasant place. It was somewhat Earthlike with a 50/50 ratio of land to water. The temperature near the equator, where they had landed, was averagi...

Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 1

    Part One.     ---------       Norman Masters stepped of the Kilrathian Speeder and onto the dock of the Space Station Deep Space Nine, he was looking forward to the Promenade.....tales of Qua...

STAR TREK DS9: Logic Part 3

Part 3     --------------      Sisko and O'Brien waited patiently in his office, finally the beam solidified and four people appeared.     "Welcome to DS9," said Sisko with a smile,"May I ask why you ...

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