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Molly Cunningham, Rebecca's yellow-furred, preschool-aged daughter. An adventurous child who even at six years old, is not afraid to speak her mind just like her mother. Molly has a thing for her favourite ice cream brand "Frosty Pep;" sometimes pretends she is 'Danger Woman' (the action/adventure heroine of a popular kids radio program) while seeking adventure along with Kit and Baloo; can be clever on her feet when it comes to outwitting the bad guys (in episodes "Molly Coddled" and "Flight of The Snow Duck"). Her middle name is Elizabeth, the only character in the series to actually have one (revealed in "Mommy For A Day") and mainly totes around her favourite doll, Lucy. No mention was ever made of Molly's father as series' creator Jymn Magon reportedly said that Rebecca is a widow, although at a 1998 U.S. fan convention Q&A online chat he did state in roundabout tones that she's actually divorced as originally written in the first Tale Spin press release.

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