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Titans’ Turnover I was thinking about this one on the bus home from being out for the majority of the night… Couldn’t quite think of a storyline until the last minute, so I just made it up as I went along. Though I’d add some relevant details o...


the teen titane woke up 1 day n they fucked the end...

Knockin on Ravens door Chapter 3

OH YEAH!,SESSION 3 IS UP, BUT I GOT SOME NEW'S FORWHEN YOUR DONE READING, YOU GOTTA READ MY FEW WORDS AT THE END.Session #3 Beast Boy's peaceful Resolution.Beast Boy glanced at the girl up on the stage. She was real cute to his standard's. But she wa...

raven learns focus ch 1

Disclamer: I do not have anything to do with teen titans, i dont own it i just watch it. If you own it i am not even sure if i even wrote this story Raven was meditating in her room when she realized this kind of meditation was not gaining her any...

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