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As the world's most dangerous supervillains break out of the Vault, the Cube, the Big House, and the Raft, six of Earth's mightiest heroes assemble a crime fighting alliance called the Avengers. The Avengers line-up initially includes Hank Pym (who assumes both his Ant-Man and Giant-Man alter-egos), HulkIron ManThor, and the WaspCaptain AmericaBlack Panther, and Hawkeye have joined the roster and will be regulars on the show.

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  • 2011.03.22 02:42:48 jimbone

    I love this show! wasp is soooooo hot!!

  • 2011.03.22 02:46:43 jimbone

    I love this show! wasp is soooooo hot!!

  • 2011.03.23 02:16:45 grim117

    wasp is very sexy!

  • 2012.01.30 01:55:11 b032511@gmail.com

    I love this show! wasp is soooooo hot!!

  • 2012.02.09 10:09:27 Shadow_crome69

    Wasp is soooooooooooooo hot

  • 2012.08.14 03:29:22 spawnofthe

    love it

  • 2012.09.18 06:26:39 fjads

    wasp is soooooo hot!!

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