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The PJs is an American stop-motion animated television series created by Eddie Murphy, Larry Wilmore, and Steve Tompkins. It portrayed life in an urban public housing project, modeled after the Brewster-Douglass housing projects in Detroit that once housed Diana Ross & Lilly Tomlin. The series starred Eddie Murphy, and was produced by Imagine Entertainment by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, The Murphy Company & Will Vinton Studios in association with Touchstone Television.

The original run of the series debuted on FOX on Sunday, January 10, 1999 in the time slot following a divisional conference football playoff game. Two days later the second episode aired in its regular Tuesday night time slot following King of the Hill.

42 episodes aired during the show's three-year run. Each took over two months to produce, owing to the laborious stop-motion process. After two seasons on Fox, the show moved to The WB in 2000. Its high budget and declining ratings led to its cancellation in 2001; the final three episodes were not aired until 2003. The show aired in syndication for a time on Trio and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and now can be seen on TV One.

The PJs won three Emmy Awards and one Annie Award during its run. Some social activists, including director Spike Lee, accused the show of depicting negative racial stereotypes of life in the projects. Quincy Jones' son QD3 along with George Clinton produced the theme music for the show.

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