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Vampire Queen Chapter 7

Gwens DreamI was running down a hall. All the vampires from the coven were chasing me. I ran into another vampire. I didnt see his face; I was too busy avoiding his fangs. TRENT. TRENT. HELP ME I screamed. Then the force was pushed off me and Trent s...

All About You Chapter 8

Minisode moment!!!The girls were in their rooms, watching a preview of the next TDW. On the tv it showed:Lauren: Welcome viewers! This is the second episode of Total Drama Worldwide!Ella: Thats right! This episode is called: Trust and be Trusted!Laur...

Total Drama Action Chapter 40

Chris: Hello TDA Fans! Seeing as we're down to the last 11 campers, it's time for the TDA Halfway Special!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Lindsay the New Futa Goddess

Chapter 3 Lindsay and the Goddess Lindsay walked back to the dining room in time to see today's breakfast, a hamburger at least that's what she thought until it began to move in a sickening way. She immediately lost her appetite and found Heather to ...

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