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Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated family/buddy film, directed by John Lasseter and featuring the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.
Old-fashioned cowboy doll Woody is coordinating a reconnaissance mission around his owner Andy's birthday party in the days before Andy's family move to their new house. To Woody's dismay, Andy receives a new action figure in the form of space ranger Buzz Lightyear, whose impressive features soon see Buzz replacing Woody as Andy's favorite toy. Woody, the former de facto leader of Andy's toys, is disappointed and resentful at his replacement. Meanwhile, Buzz does not understand that he is a toy, and believes himself to be an actual space ranger, seeing Woody as an interference in his 'mission' to return to his home planet.

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  • 2010.05.28 03:49:33 Jaga577

    haha LOL!

  • 2010.08.24 07:41:57 kluesner

    good movie.

  • 2012.03.26 02:14:31 betico43

    nunca pense k pudiera haber dibujos porno de toy story!!!!

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