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"Xiaolin showdown" is an American animated television series that aired on Kids WB and was created by Christy Hui. Set in a world where martial arts battles and Eastern magic are common place, the series follows four young warriors in training that battle the forces of evil. They do this by protecting Shen Gong Wu (ancient artifacts that possess great magical powers) from villains (witches, mad scientists, evil warlords) that would use them to conquer the world.

Fifteen hundred years in the past, evil almost overtook the world. The master Xiaolin Monk Grand Master Dashi was able to suppress each of these threats with the use of his magical tools, the Shen Gong Wu. Ultimately he was able to trap the evil Heylin witch Wuya in a small wooden puzzle box which led to 1500 years of peace, during which he hid all of his Shen Gong Wu around the world.

In the present day, four young people from across the globe are brought together at the modern Xiaolin temple to prepare for their destined lives as the legendary Xiaolin Dragons. The would be world-conqueror Jack Spicer releases Wuya from her prison, and the Shen Gong Wu begin to reveal themselves to both parties.

The story follows the monks as they train and hone their skills, while countering ever greater evil threats. Eventually new enemies surface in the form of Chase Young and Hannibal Bean, who may not be looking for Shen Gong Wu but do have agendas of world domination.

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