Wally blocked Black Canary’s roundhouse kick with excellent precision. He hooked his arm around her leg, upset her balance, and fell on top of her. “You got the first part down, but you don’t need to fall on your opponent,” Black Canary smir...

Conner's gals chaper1

Sometime ago in Cadmus labs before the events of Young Justice… "You want to incorporate this formula into the boy's DNA? What purpose does this serve?" Doctor Desmond asked warily to the glowing holo screens of the board of the light. "It's...

At First Glance

A young man sat on the bench of the park and searched for his next target. About a year ago he found out that he had gained some type of power, a power that most men would kill for. With one look into his eyes, a woman would fall in love with him ins...

Taken Chapter 3

Wally sped into Artemis' door and fell onto it headfirst. Hearing the noise, Artemis turned and smiled. "Wally…" "Artemis! Uh…can I come in?" he asked. "Er…Sure." she said, slightly sniggering. Wally opened the door and stoppe...

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