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Akiza's Night In

It was a nice day in New domino city, the streets where crowded as Akiza walked towards home. She got of early while training with Misty so she had some spare time to waste. "Hmm.. wonder what I will do" thought Akiza while looking around town. "I w...

Horny Luna P1

Luna (11 years old) Leo (11 years old) Luna was sleeping soundly then all of a sudden she woke up feeling very horny. Luckily for her Luna's parents were hardly ever home and her brother sleeps like a rock so she can do whatever she wants at ni...

yusei and Sherry's duel

‘Is she trying to seduce me?’ he wondered. Yusei had his answer when Sherry pushed herself up against his body. “She…..” He was interrupted when the Fleur duelist planted her lips on to his. Her green eyes were closed behind her eye lids as she gave ...

revenge not so sweet.

After Alexis Got an A on the test which was better than Mindy,Mindy thought she cheated, she and jasmine decided to get back at her,they heard a rumor that she has been sleeping with the guy they have a crush on. Then Blair told them that if she got ...

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