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Henrietta is the Queen of Tristain. She is loved by her nationals and is an old friend of Louise. She defends Tristain from the Albion invasion after the assassination of the Albion prince. While at first her character lacked depth, her role later grows to show her struggles with the war. She was in love with Wales and was devastated over his death. This was later used against her in a kidnapping attempt. She had developed an affinity for Saito over the course of the first two seasons, and in season three, her feelings are growing deeper. She nearly kissed Saito at the Sleipnir Ball, and she refused to allow him to go to Gallia because it was too dangerous even taking his hands when she stated this (something that shocks Louise, Saito and even Henrietta herself when she realized it). When talking to Louise that she does not know whether this is a rebound from Wales or if she is truly falling for him.

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