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From a long running gag manga, Crayon Shin-chan is a slice-of-life anime which follows the adventures of 5 year old Shinnosuke Nohara, his parents (dad Hiroshi and mom Misae), his dog Shiro, and (in later episodes) his baby sister Himarwari. Much of the humor of the show is based around Shin-chan's obliviously rude behavior and meager grasp of language. Funimation's dub of the series is a completely different version, aimed at a more adult audience, while the original Japanese version is meant for all audiences (adults and kids) to watch

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  • 2011.01.17 11:03:47 hburryred

    wow even shinchan

  • 2011.01.18 06:28:24 baburao

    ohhhhhhhhhh shinchan

  • 2011.01.18 06:29:09 baburao

    wow even shinchan

  • 2011.01.22 01:26:02 alfaiz420

    i like it very much

  • 2012.09.14 01:25:33 fmaxmagic

    his mo is hot but needs more pics

  • 2013.10.07 03:14:24 lalallasdasdad


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