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Rosario + Vampire - Final Year

Chapter 1 - Return For The Fourth Year Tsukune was eighteen. He had been at the Yokai Academy four years now. Only four years ago, he had been sitting on this same bus wondering where the hell he was going to. Now he had silver hair, a blue and a ...

Into the rabbit hole chapter 1

Tsukune sat on the cliff overlooking the blood-red sea beside Yokai Academy. His training to control his Ghoulish powers seemed to be at somewhat of a standstill. Even after the events in the human world with San, he could only make so much progress....

into the rabit hole chapter 2

"You're going to train me? In what?" Tsukune asked, staring at the old Vampire in disbelief. "Indeed I am, Tsukune." Alexander offered the boy his hand. "If, of course, you will accept my help." "But what about Moka?" Tsukune would be sad to lose t...

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