Ume Matsuzaka

Arch-rival of Miss Yoshinaga, teacher of the Rose class. Age 24. Single. Likes to live stylishly in public but she actually struggles to save her money for luxuries and lives in a very cheap, dusty apartment. She dislikes her given name as she always says to Yoshinaga and others, "Don't call me Ume!". This is due to one of the meanings of "Ume", which can mean "3rd class" or "low class". Although she always says she is "tired of Futaba Kindergarten (especially Shin-chan)" and plans to move out to a better school, she never seriously intends to do it. Despite her rivalry with Midori, deep down she cares for her and helped her reconcile with her future husband. A running gag about her is that her dates are often screwed up by Shinchan in various ways, until she meets Tokurou.

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