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Squidbillies follows the exploits of the Cuyler family and their interactions with the local populace, which usually results in a fair amount of destruction, mutilation, and death. The Cuylers are given essentially free rein and protected from the consequences of their actions whenever possible by the Sheriff, as they are said to be the last, twisted remnants of a Federally-protected endangered species, the "Appalachian Mud Squid". Themes include the family's overt racism against white people (Chalkies), Early's dalliances with Krystal, their sketchy friendship with the Sheriff, run-ins with celebrities, their crushing poverty, and the machinations of corporate executive Dan Halen. The series has very little continuity: storyline progression and character development are present to an extent, but characters are frequently killed or seriously injured and return unharmed—often without explanation, and sometimes in the very same episode. They live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains located in Northern Georgia.

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