"I still can't believe we actually won!" she exclaims giddily. "Like, we actually won the whole tournament!" Mako grins down at her, opening the door to his and Bolin's room. "Yep," he smirks. "We did it." Korra skips into the room, still fe...


It felt good, no; it felt amazing. The burning feeling in her muscles, this was what she needed; adrenalin racing through her veins, punching and kicking with everything she had. It was good to release her anger through something else than firebendin...


Chapter 1 He thinks this is perfect. There is nothing more that can be right and she just feels so good. He can't remember how they got this tangled, bodily or personally. He remembers her excitement at watching her first pro-bending match and her ...


Chapter 1: Seethe Mako is seething. This much Korra can tell, and she can't really blame him. She hadn't known that going after Amon would destroy the only home that he and Bolin had ever had. When she blasted fire after Amon, she had be too angry...

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