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The original Beyblade series led Nelvana to many awards and won the toy of the year award in 2002 and 2003. Since that time many toys and series had been produced in the North America and Asia, but many of them had not prospered. As a result Nelvana entered into talks with TV Tokyo to revise the series. TV Tokyo agreed if Nelvana would be co-producer for the series and if TV Tokyo could air the episodes first. With this plan agreed upon, Nelvana announced 51 episodes of Metal Fight Beyblade with the English name Beyblade: Metal Fusion. They would premiere in Japan in 2009 and in North America in the fall of 2010 to YTV and CARTOON . As co-producers of the series Nelvana was able to create the rights for other companies. Toys were given to Tomy Company and Hasbro, and TV rights would be distributed by Nelvana. In 2010 Nelvana announced they were looking at parties interested in the fifth season of Beyblade and the second season of the Metal saga to go under the name Beyblade: Metal Masters.

The sixth season for the series has been announced in Shogakukan's monthly CoroCoro Comic magazine. The upcoming third season of the Metal Fight Beyblade series will entitled as Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. The "4D" of the anime title comes from the game franchise's revised "4D" system. The "4D" stands for "different" materials, "divided" (multi-part construction), "dynamic," and "deep" customizability.

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