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Chalk Zone a show where a boy finds some magic chalk and is able to go into this world of crazy chalk creatures with the chalk's powers. Only he (Rudy main character) and his two friends, snap and Penny, can save and protect chalk zone.

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  • 2010.10.17 07:17:24 kinghomer45

    We need someone to draw more pictures for this show. So if anyone's a artist, please draw for here. When I see something new, I'll post them. =D

  • 2011.02.13 11:36:41 suppose

    he's right now we need ur help so common do it

  • 2011.11.20 02:34:28 regyhtrfsdyetwsygv

  • 2012.01.02 10:44:37 neijenhoff

    i will draw some

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