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Say It With Music Chapter 1

TitleCreation, DestructionAuthor: SamSeries: Say it With Music 0 of ? (Prologue)Rating: G: GeneralCharacter: Dungeon MasterSummary: The beginning: DM views events which the Children of Power will eventually live through.Spoiler: Basically, random epi...

Say It With Music Chapter 2

Title: One By OneAuthor: SamSeries: Say it With Music 1 of ?Rating: PG: Angst, lots of it; mild swearing, not so much of itPairing: Hints of Hank and SheilaSummary: The kids get home, all six... then something happens.Song Note: Based on the song No ...

Only Heroes Make It Home Chapter 9

Chapter 9The Ranger was unable to believe what he was hearing or seeing. The Bow was limp in his hand as he stared at the Cavalier. How the heck had Eric managed it? He had walking up behind Venger, looking unstable but determined, with his Shield on...

Advent Chapter 1

Legal Stuff: The following is a speculative fan fiction based on Dungeons & Dragons, the animated series. The characters portrayed in this story are not mine (with the exception of a few minor ones) nor are they being used with the written consent of...

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