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Ultimate Alien Force Chapter 1

Ultimate Alien ForceUltimate Alien ForceI: The 10, Part 1Bellwood, IllinoisBENJAMIN TENNYSON, WAKE UP! YOURE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!Thirteen year-old Ben Tennyson woke up from his bedrooms floor, groaning. He and his friends had made sure that the ...

100 Moments in Time Chapter 8

Authors Notes: I know I updated earlier today, but this idea struck me and I had to write it down immediately. Its BenxJulie fluff, so if you dont like, dont read. There arent that many stories about the two, so Im happy to say that I got an idea wit...

Choices Chapter 7

TITLE: Choices Chapter 7AUTHOR: Alison Hart Burnett (B)PAIRING: Wait and see.SUMMARY: It would give to much away.RATING: PG-13 for now. Could change later.DISCLAIMER: Don't own anyone in this story but Paul and his father. Don't sue cause I don't hav...

GTAE Chapter 9

Benjamin Tennyson panted, trying to catch his breath after chasing after Gwen and Grandpa. He had just gotten a new alien, and christened it Ditto earlier that day, but he’d sort of overdone it just a little during the fight with Animo. So maybe ta...

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