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Narrated by Beelzebub, the plot follows the player character, known only as "The Helltaker," in his descent to hell to acquire a harem of demons. As the game progresses, the harem becomes increasingly dysfunctional, with the Helltaker admitting that all he can offer is "coffee, turn based strategies and chocolate pancakes." The final level, "Epilogue," shows the harem on earth, with one of two endings; the "Regular Ending" in which the Helltaker opens the front door of the house to police outside, and the "Abysstaker Ending" where the Helltaker opens a portal utilizing three stone tablets, which have a set of moves inscribed on each of them that the player must start to perform in the middle of the carpet located in the Helltaker's house in the epilogue. The player can collect them in three of the stages during the main game.

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