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The Amazing Digital Circus is an independent animated web series created and directed by Gooseworx and produced by Glitch Productions. The series follows six humans who are trapped inside a circus-themed video game after putting on virtual reality headsets, and their attempts to maintain sanity.

After donning a virtual reality headset, a woman becomes trapped in a circus-themed computer game inhabited by the artificial intelligence ringmaster Caine, his assistant Bubble, and six other trapped humans: Jax, Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger, Zooble, and Kaufmo. The woman—renamed "Pomni" after forgetting her original name—repeatedly notices exit doors that Caine dismisses as hallucinations. While Caine tasks the group with an adventure to stop an infestation of creatures called Gloinks, Ragatha and Jax take Pomni to meet Kaufmo, whom they discover has succumbed to despair and "abstracted" into a mindless beast. Seeking Caine's help after Kaufmo causes Ragatha to glitch, Pomni instead finds and enters the exit door, which leads her through a labyrinth of office spaces to the Void, an out-of-bounds area. Caine returns Pomni to the circus, reuniting her with the others who have finished the adventure. After imprisoning Kaufmo in the cellar with other abstracted humans and repairing Ragatha, Caine admits he created the "exit" to fulfill the group's desire for one, but left it unfinished after being unable to decide what to put behind the door. Caine rewards the group for completing the adventure with a feast of digital food, which Pomni attends in silence.

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